Review: Talk Is Cheap pt. I by Middle Tennessee Music

Netherlands based emcee and producer Kawil has delivered his latest single and accompanying visual treatment, Talk Is Cheap Pt. 1. As a lifelong Hip Hop Head and indie Hip Hop artist, simply put… this song goes hard! For those not familiar with Hip Hop lingo, allow me to expand. Opening with a Malcolm X sample, Kawil sets the tone for a militant infused lyrical tirade over a well crafted blend of old jazz samples, well thought out drum patterns and a contagious attitude which makes you want to stand up and fight for what you believe in.

Agreeing with Kawil, Talk Is Cheap!

This single is about shutting up and taking action. It’s an analysis of the dumbing down of the human species through propaganda. It’s about educating through entertainment…or edutainment. It’s Hip Hop! Kawil is currently working on new material including forthcoming solo releases and an EP with D-Tech; their first single together is titled Renegades.

Deriving his name from the Maya God K’awiil (the god of lightning, change and fertility), Kawil’s lyrics matched with his refreshing production skills equal a sonic force to be reckoned with. The depth and honesty of his music strikes like lightning, inspires change, and plants seeds in the fertile minds of those who truly pay attention and listen.

Check out the video for Talk Is Cheap Pt 1 below then subscribe to Kawil on YouTube. You can also connect on Twitter, FB and Bandcamp.