Press Release: OBD Gives Sneak Peak of Upcoming EP with Release of “Renegades”

Rotterdam, Netherlands – May 6, 2017 – The hip-hop duo of OBD (Outnumbered But Deadly) has announced the release of their new single, “Renegades”. Comprised of artists Kawil and D- tech, the release marks the third single from their upcoming EP that is yet to be named.

“The EP is going to sound experimental with a fusion of traditional hip-hop and live instrumentation,” said Kawil.

The accompanying video for “Renegades” opens with a clearly defined sense of everyday drudgery and hopelessness. The theme is expounded upon through the creative use of images providing a sense of personal isolation, even though the subject is surrounded by people. The attempts to minimise that loneliness are seen through his attempts at escape.

The dynamic pairing of D-tech and Kawil has produced an independent body of music that’s filled with honest, socially conscious narratives that doesn’t sugar coat the serious topics that are addressed. The talented artists each write, perform, record and produce their own music and music videos. Both work on their own solo projects between performing together as OBD.

Renegades II” is the second single off their upcoming EP featuring a haunting and poignant undertone running throughout. Also out is “VHS” with powerful imagery that immediately draws viewers in while the lyrics make individuals truly think about what their witnessing.

D-tech’s most recent solo mixtape is “Complex Matters” Tracks include the intoxicating beat of “X Marks the Spot” along with the suspenseful sound of “Raw.” Also on the album is “Beyond the Surface” that encourages listeners to look beyond the obvious with sounds that brings to mind the vastness of the cosmos.

Talk is Cheap Pt. 1” is Kawil’s latest single, a political commentary that advocates education instead of blindly following the herd. The underlying drum and clarinet gives the track a solemn, yet hopeful feel for future generations.

The release of “Renegades” by OBD provides fans with a taste of what’s to come in their upcoming EP. It’s indicative of their keen awareness and commentary on a world that most feel helpless to affect. Advocates for individualism, OBD is working to change perceptions and open a pathway to independent thought.

About OBD
OBD was formed in 2011, showcasing the talents of members D-tech and Kawil. The duo’s first contact came in 2007 as two aspiring musicians. They continued to work solo projects, but each provided feedback for the other’s efforts. A mutual respect for each other’s talents resulted in the decision to lay down the foundation for an EP. The two wear many hats, both are musicians and music artists, MCs, writers and video producers fusing rap and live instrumentation for a sound that’s uniquely theirs. Fans can connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Bandcamp.